Gestalt Studio
interior design studio


From urban lofts to historical homes, at Gestalt Studio, we work collaboratively with our clients to create, smart and innovative design solutions for your home. Each design project is individually developed and executed based on our client's specific needs.  We work with you to identify your goals and integrate them into a design that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic needs.  From remodels to new builds, our team of designers work together to create a home that is in harmony with its inhabitants.


Gestalt Studio’s commercial portfolio includes projects from healthcare interiors, professional offices, retail and hospitality spaces.  Our designers combine explorative thought and strategic thinking in order to implement the best design concepts for your space.  Our goal is not only to create client tailored and cost efficient design solutions, but also to achieve improved workflow, increased staff efficiencies, and overall healthier work environments.  After we learn about the type of image our client wants to project, We help create Innovative design concepts and graphics which will help elevate your brand image.  We offer an Extensive library of materials to select from as well as full range of interior design services.
Gestalt Studio